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Motalia Ltd accepts all major credit cards, and there is no surcharge. Please be sure to provide the exact billing address and telephone number as recorded with your credit card issuing bank. Incorrect information may cause a delay in the processing of your order. We need the main number across the front, the expiry date, issue number if there is one and the last 3 digits from the back. Debit cards that do not contain an issue number will need to supply the start date. Please supply a day time telephone number so that we may contact you to sort any problems.

All orders are charged to the credit card you indicate at the time of your purchase. Although 95% of all orders are shipped within 24-48 hours, any out of stock item which will become available in a reasonable period of time will also be charged and forwarded to you at no extra cost. As we carry over 4000 products there is always a possibility that an item you requested is not in stock. If you do not want to be charged for backordered items please indicate that in the comment box during checkout. In this case we will only charge for in stock items and you will have to reorder items not included at a later date. Unfortunately we will not be able to ship backordered items if you do not agree to the full payment of your order at the time of placement.

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties


You may pay by pay pal, our pay pal account is


Any order submitted through this web site, if in stock, will be processed immedi ately and cannot be cancelled. If the item is not in stock the order may be cancelled within seven days from the date of purchase at the request of the client b y calling 08707664152. (outside the UK use 00441953878106)


Your emailed receipt of an order confirmation does not signify our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of our offer to sell. Motalia Ltd offers products that may originate overseas. As a result, item availability, shipping schedule, and prices are subject to change at any time, without notice. Motalia Ltd reserves the right to limit quantities, and to decline the acceptance of any order for any reason. Motalia Ltd reserves the right at any time, without prior notice to you, to supply less than the quantity ordered of any item and forward the balance of the order to you as soon as possible, or to supply a refund of the balance if requested.


All returns are subject to approval after contacting the Motalia Ltd Customer Service department at 08707664152. RETURNS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL BY OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT.

Return Address :-

Motalia Ltd, Long Stratton Road, Forncett End, Nr Norwich, Norfolk, England, NR161 1HT.

Shipping costs are not refundable except for defective items or items sent in error. Defective items will be replaced free of charge. Defective returns that are found to be non-defective are subject to a 15% handling fee. DO NOT DISCARD ANY PACKAGING OR INVOICES UNTIL YOU ARE COMPLETELY SATISFIED WITH THE PRODUCTS SHIPPED. Defective merchandise will be replaced at our discretion. We will gladly answer pre-sale questions on any product. All non-defective, unopened returns are subject to a 15% re-stocking fee. All returns are subject to the following: Shipping, insurance, and handling charges are not refundable. It is recommended that returns are shipped insured, as Motalia Ltd assumes no liability for loss or damage to returned shipments. Save your tracking numbers, as they can prove invaluable if your return is lost in transit to us. Your purchase must be returned with shipping pre-paid and within 7 days of purchase. Ignition systems are non returnable if the package has been opened.

All products must be in "as-new" condition.


Shipping charges are calculated based on the total weight of all items in your order. The shipping cost charged at the time of purchase on this site represents an estimate using standard Air Mail or First Class postage. The actual postage may differ from that shown at the checkout.

Note: Our distribution centre does not process or ship orders on weekends and/or holidays.


Motalia Ltd only charges 17.5% sales tax on shipments within the EU. You, the customer, are responsible for any and all unpaid sales taxes and import duty that may apply in your country.


All material on this site is copyright of Motalia Ltd.


Motalia Ltd makes no representations or warranties, either express or implied, of any sort with respect to the web sites, materials, information, or content. You, the purchaser, agree that Motalia Ltd, its directors, officers, employees and/or representatives, shall not be liable for damages arising from the operation, content, or use of the site or the products sold therein. You agree that this limitation of liability is comprehensive and applies to all damages of any sort, including without limitation direct, indirect, compensatory, special, incidental, punitive and consequential damages. This does not effect your statutory right.


We make no representations, guarantees or warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, and assume no liability for any financial loss or damage caused by a product purchased from us. The sole and exclusive maximum liability to Motalia Ltd arising from any products sold on this site shall be the price of the product ordered, if found liable. In no event shall Motalia Ltd, its directors, officers, employees and/or representatives be liable for special, indirect, consequential, or punitive damages relating to the compatibility of products sold. It is the customer responsibility to ensure that the products bought are suitable for the use intended.
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1 x AJS 3GL Head Bolts Stainless
1 x 3GL Matchless rocker box bolts
1 x G80 Matchless rocker box bolts G80-r-box
1 x 001) AJS Model 31 Stainless 5/16 Cylinder/Hd Studs/Nuts - 001AJ-
2 x 001)... Engine Plate Studs Stainless triton-eng
1 x 006) BSA Bantam Stainless Cylinder Head Studs - 001BB-W1-34x4
1 x 005 BSA A10 A7 A-Series Stainless Cyl Barrel Studs 005BA W1-23x9
1 x 002) BSA A Series Sump Plate Stainless Studs etc - 002BA I12
1 x 16) 67-6039-set 67-6038 2-452 BSA Stainless Rear Drum Bolt
2 x 200) BSA 650cm Models 1971 Workshop Manual - BSA650
1 x 011) BSA B Series Gearbox Studs Stainless - 006BB-R28x1 R50x1
1 x 009) BSA Goldstar - all B Ser Stainless Rocker Box Studs - 004BB
1 x 012) BSA Stainless Steel Handle Bar Clamp Bolts - 007BB-U48x4
1 x 106) Triumph 350/500 Unit Parts Manual No6 1964 - TP06
1 x 116) Triumph 6T, TR6, T120 Pre Unit Parts Manual 1960 - TP16
1 x Laverda 500/350 Workshop Manual - 94000048
1 x Laverda 3C Post 76 Parts Manual - P1000-76
1 x Laverda 750 SF1-2 Workshop Manual - 94000021
1 x Laverda 750 SF1-2 Parts Manual - P750
1 x Laverda 1200 Parts Manual - P1200
1 x Laverda 3C Pre 76 Parts Manual - P1000
1 x 101) Triumph 6T, TR6, T120 Unit Parts Manual No1 1963 - TP01
1 x Laverda Parts Manual RGS - PRGS
2 x 202) BSA Goldstar 500 Parts Catalogue - BSA500
1 x Laverda 1000-1200 Workshop Manual - 94000066
1 x 104) Triumph 350/500 Unit Parts Manual No4 1960 - TP04
1 x 103) Triumph T120 6T TR6 Unit Parts Manual No3 1964 - TP03
1 x Laverda Parts Manual Variants 120s - VAR120
1 x Laverda 500/350 Parts Manual - P500
1 x Laverda 180 Additions Manual - VAR180
1 x 115) Triumph 650 Pre Unit Parts Manual 1958 No15 - TP15
2 x 201) BSA B25 Starfire Parts Catalogue - BSAB25
1 x E8181 Triumph Cycle Stainless Bolt HC14114 - K1-36
1 x E8108 Triumph Cycle Stainless Lock Nut NCL14026 - Q02
1 x 001a) 1/2" x 1-3/4" UNF Stainless Stud S1800 T23
1 x E3108 70-3108 Triumph Stainless Stud STCC3807916 - J53
1 x E2312 70-2312 Triumph Stainless Shakeproof Washer SP014 - Q03
1 x Benelli Tornado Quick Fastener 5mm R95050141A
1 x Benelli Tornado Quick Fastener 6mm R95050012A
1 x Benelli Tornado Tank Square Logo BTSQ
1 x Benelli Tornado Core Plug Stainless R14043131A
1 x Benelli Tornado Alternator O-Ring R18243091A
1 x Benelli Tornado Oil Filter R180107101000
1 x Benelli Tornado Special Washer R310032007000
1 x Benelli Tornado Special Altnator Washer R310032008000
1 x Benelli Tornado Tank Lead Free Logo BT2
3 x Benelli Tornado Clutch Cover Gasket R11013681A
1 x Benelli Tornado Gearbox Sprocket R75013071A
1 x Benelli Tornado Alternator Drive Rubbers R19113191A
1 x Benelli Tornado Rear Chain R180127001000
1 x Benelli Tornado Tank Round Logo BT1
1 x Benelli Tornado Nut R19143251A
2 x Benelli Tornado Clutch Basket R3108000887000
1 x Benelli Tornado Rear Sprocket R21813671A
1 x AAA This section is being worked on
1 x Benelli Tornado Spring R300018005000
1 x Benelli Tornado Z25 Gear Bolt R90752751C
1 x Velocette Overhead Camshaft Parts 1925-1931 - V1000
1 x 0310a Velocette KSS Stainless Crankcase Studs V100 - H35
1 x 0325 Velocett Timing Cover/Tappet Screws (14) Stainles V0064
1 x 0201 Velocette Handle Bar Bolts Stainless Steel - V0017-K1-20x4
1 x 0102 Velocette Venom Stainless Centre Stand Stud+Nuts+Wash V0109
1 x 0382 Velocette Stainless Crankcase Adapters set of 4 V0069/7
1 x 0384 Velo Ven/Viper/Thrux Stainless Cylinder Studs V0068
1 x 0110 Velocette Fork Pinch Bolts Nuts+Wash x 2 Stainless V0011
1 x 04-01 Velocette Kick Start Pivot Bolt V0090
1 x 0390 Velo Venom Viper Stainless Carb Studs V0058-set K3-16
1 x 0106 Velocette Brake Pivot Nuts+Wash x 2 Stainless V0009
1 x 0392 Velocett Venom Viper Rocker Box Bolts Stainless V0115
1 x 0104 Velocette Brake Cam Nuts+Wash x 2 Stainless V0008
1 x 0101 Velo MAC Stainless Engine Plate Studs - V1001-J51x4 J62x3
1 x 0110 Velocette front Mudguard Bolts Nuts+Washers Stainless V0020
1 x 0310 Velocette Ven/Viper/MSS Stainless Crankcase Studs V0072
1 x 0320 Velocett Mag Studs + Nuts + Wash Stainless V0071-set
1 x 0301 Velocette Venom Stainless Steel Engine Plate Studs V0052
1 x 0302 Velocette Engine Plate Lower Bolt V0053 U71
1 x 13a) BSA rear brake drum nut Stainless 2-452
1 x 13) 67-6038 BSA Stainless Rear Brake Drum Bolt H48
1 x 003) BSA A10 A7 A-Series Crank Case Studs, Stainless - 003BA
1 x 008) BSA Goldstar B Series Stainless Carb Studs etc 003BB I17
1 x 15) 67-6038-set BSA Stainless Rear Brake Drum Bolts + Nuts H47-H
1 x 004) BSA A10 A7 A-Series Engine Plate Studs, Stainless - 004BA
1 x 010) BSA Gold Star Stainless Steel Engine + G/Box Studs - 005BB
1 x 007) BSA Gold Star Stainless Steel Engine Plate Studs - 002BB
1 x 001) BSA A Series Magneto Stainless Studs etc - 001BA W1-11x3
1 x 14) 67-6039 BSA Stainless Rear Brake Drum Lock Tabs H42 x3
1 x 3/8 UNF x 1-1/2" Stainless Socket Cap M/C Head SUF38112 - W3-21
1 x E2593 70-2593 Triumph Stainless Cycle Bolt HC516212 - R54
1 x 01a) 1/4 UNF x 5/8" Hex Bolt HUF14058 V3-07
1 x 001) 1/2 UNF x 1-11/16 Stainless Stud F5942 T17
1 x 02)... 5/16 Rectangular Section Lock Washer Stainless L516 - Q09
1 x 00a) 5/16 x 1-3/8" BSF Stud Stainless STBB5160138 K3-10
1 x 17) 5/16 BSF BSF Stainless Stud x 5-1/4" 22tpi STBB5160514-K3-53
1 x 00) 5/16 Stud BSF BSF x 1-1/4"Stainless STBB5160114 K3-04
1 x 18) 5/16 BSF BSF Stainless Stud x 5-1/2" 22tpi STBB5160512-K3-47
1 x 15) 5/16 BSF BSF Stainless Stud x 4-3/4" 22tpi STBB5160434-K3-65
1 x 10) 5/16" BSF BSF Stainless Stud x 3-1/2 22tpi STBB5160312-K3-70
1 x 08) 5/16" BSF BSF Stainless Stud x 3" - 22tpi STBB5160300 K3-58
1 x 09) 5/16 BSF BSF Stainless Stud x 3-1/4" 22tpi STBB5160314-K3-64
1 x 14-0230 Triumph UNF Stainless Bolt HUF516500 - T72
1 x 02).. 5/16 26 tpi Cycle Nut Stainless Full NCF51626 - Q07
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