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0310a Velocette KSS Stainless Crankcase Studs V100 - H35

0310a Velocette KSS Stainless Crankcase Studs V100 - H35
These are a set of Stainless Steel crankcase studs, nuts and lock washers for the KSS Velocette. There are six studs in all; with four different lengths just as the originals. These are supplied with twelve stainless nuts and twelve stainless rectangular section lock washers. The ends of the studs are slightly domed with a machined finish which could without too much effort be brought to a polished finish. The nuts also are machined; and semi polished all over, not just machined from rough bar.

Please note all stainless parts should be assembled with copa slip.

All British thread data can be viewed on our web site. Any queries please phone Motalia on 01953 789420 office hours.

V100 - K3-31x2 + K3-44x1 + K3-62x2 + K3-32x1 + nuts + l/w H35
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