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0384 Velo Ven/Viper/Thrux Stainless Cylinder Studs V0068

0384 Velo Ven/Viper/Thrux Stainless Cylinder Studs V0068
A set of Stainless Steel cylinder studs that will fit the Viper, Venom and Thruxton models. The studs come complete with stainless nuts and plain washers (not shown in photo). The threads are the same as used on the original studs so they will fit into the original crankcase adapters if the threads have not been stretched. We also list the crankcase adapters in stainless.

Velo Part Number - M249/4 SL6/50 M266

V0068 - K2-67 x 4 Please note all stainless parts should be assembled with copa slip, 'copper slip ®'.

All British thread data can be viewed on our web site.

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These items are Made in England.

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