04A)... 5/16 Cycle Stainless Radius Nut NCF51626R - Q11

04A)... 5/16 Cycle Stainless Radius Nut NCF51626R - Q11
5/16" Cycle 26 tpi Radius nut.

These nuts are the standard full depth of 0.250" the same as a standard nut. Instead of the normal single sided chamfer, these have a radiused top. They are also supplied with a polished finish, just show them a buffing mop and you have a show winning nut. The radius top looks much neater and offer a convexed polished mirror to light, ideal for custom machines or to just make your special stand out from the crowd. They have the standard Whiteworth spanner size of 0.525".

NCF51626R - Q11

This is a single chamfer nut made from 303 stainless steel. It is machined back and front for a superior finish and the hexagon sides are hand finished to a semi polish. It then spends 72 hours in a polishing machine to slightly dull the sharp edges and to give them a silky feel so you do not leave cloth particles on them when cleaning the bike

You can buff it to a chrome finish or sand blast it for a cadmium look.

These nuts are in a class of their own and not like the ones turned from hexagon bar you see elsewhere.

Photo shows 2 nuts for clarity. Price is for just 1.

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