2005 Triumph Engine/Gearbox Plate Studs Stainless E-Studs-54-59

2005 Triumph Engine/Gearbox Plate Studs Stainless E-Studs-54-59
These are a set of 13 Triumph Pre Unit 1954 to 1959 Engine/Gearbox Plate Studs, Nuts and Lock Washers in Stainless Steel for the 6T, T110,TR6, T120, TR6 and T100. The set consists of 4 off F839, 1 off F1680, 3 off F1711, 1 off F2414, 1 off F3108, 1 off F3575, 1 off F3665 and 1 off F3769, These are the original Triumph part numbers for the studs. Obviously this set includes the nuts and lock washers. Note: the two special nuts for the top gearbox stud are not included although the stud is. There are 24 stainless 26 tpi cycle nuts which are the correct 60 degree thread angle; and the correct Whitworth spanner size, plus 24 rectangular section stainless lock washers are included.

The two special nuts for the top gearbox stud are not included, they will become available later and will be listed separately.

All studs have a slight radius on the end the same as original. The radius is left as a machined finish so that you can either polish it to a mirror finish or sand blast it for a cadmium look. This set give's you all the studs needed to fix the engine plates to the frame and crankcases.

The nuts have a single sided chamfer and are machined back and front to leave a nicely machined finish, each flat of the nuts have been linished to leave a bright finish rather than the dull finish normally found on nuts turned from hex bar.

Please note all stainless parts should be assembled with copa slip (copper slip), which we also list on this site.


All British thread data can be viewed on our web site.

These items are Made in England.

Delivery to Portugal, Greece, Turkey and Spain is unreliable and cannot be guaranteed, if you order from these countries you do so at your own risk. It is not uncommon for delivery to take 30 days or more.

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